Infrared Sauna Pricing

Prices are subject to change.

1 Session$20
3 Sessions – $50
6 Sessions$90
Membership – $49.95


Not all saunas are created equal. Although most detoxifying cabins look similar, our Infrared Technology is superior for detoxing, healing, and relaxing. Infrared heat is gentle and safe, providing many health benefits without a traditional sauna’s extreme heat and humidity.

Traditional saunas generate heat by circulating hot air. Still, Infrared rays warm you directly by penetrating your body to affect deep tissue and organs.

With the restorative warmth of infrared heat and the healing properties of colored light, a 30-minute visit to our private infrared sauna spa will help you to relax, tone, and glow.

10 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas promote sweating, helping your body eliminate toxins through its biggest organ: the skin.

Excercise Recovery
Saunas taken before exercise increase performance and quicken recovery.

Heart and Blood Pressure
Saunas can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over time.

Boosted Immune System
Get a jump on cold and flu season by taking a sauna.

Mood Improvement
According to studies, sauna users self report less anger and depression after a sauna.

Younger Skin
Infrared technology encourages development of more collagen and elastin, leaving skin smoother and helping wounds heal faster.

Circulatory System Oxygenation
In an infrared sauna, your heart rate increases and blood vessels dilate, allowing oxygen to enter the cells of your body more easily.

Pain Relief
Infrared healing pads are extremely beneficial for muscle and joint pain relief.

Help your body maintain healthy cortisol levels relax, and de-stress.

Lowered Inflammation
Keep your mind sharp and inflammation low with regular sauna use.

Infrared Sauna

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