Sunless Spray Tan with VersaPro

Super moisturizing treatment included in all spray tans.

1 Clear (Level 1-4) $25.95
1 Bronze (Level 1-4) $28.95
1 Rapid Dry Clear (Level 1-4) $33.95

Rapid Dries in 3 hours.


High School Specials

1 Clear (Level 1-4) $25.95 $19
1 Bronze (Level 1-4) $28.95 $22
1 Rapid Dry Clear (Level 1-4) $33.95 $25

Rapid Dries in 3 hours.

Monthly Membership Options

Super moisturizing treatment included in all spray tans.

Clear (Level 1-4)$41.95
Bronze (Level 1-4) $47.95
Rapid Dry Clear (Level 1-4) $51.95

Rapid Dries in 3 hours.

Premier Plus Membership $84.95

Our “All Access Pass” this membership allows you the flexibility to tan, sunless spray tan, and red light therapy in any level. Plus, receive 40% off all tanning lotions.

Prep for Sunless Tanning

24-48 Hours Prior to Session

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. We cannot stress the importance of pre-session exfoliation. 24 hours prior to your spray-tan, clear away any dry, dead skin cells with a pH balancing scrub such as Norvell® Amber Sun Body Scrub. For extreme areas use a deep exfoliator such as Sea Coral Salt Scrub, no less than 24 hours prior to your session.
  • Protect Your Skins’ pH Levels by avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products, or in shower moisturizers. Avoid oil based products like Dove and Caress as these can clog your pores and prevent the solution from being absorbed into the skin.
  • Any depilatory creams, waxing or shaving should be completed 24 hours prior to your session.

Day of Session

  • Avoid applying anything to the skin that may act as a barrier between the sunless solution and the skin. Deep penetration of the solution is key to beautiful lasting color. Do not apply lotions, creams, or perfumes prior to session. Use deodorant sparingly.
  • Remove any make-up prior to the sunless application – Arrive Prepared.
  • Wear loose fitting dark colored clothing and remove jewelry. Tight clothing can rub or smear bronzers, especially around the knees, elbows, chest and waist.

Post Spray Instructions

  • Do not perform any strenuous activities.
  • You should refrain from showering as long as possible. (Up to 24 hours)
  • As with all DHA products, sunless color begins showing in approx. 4 hours after application and continues to develop for up to 24 hours. If you must shower during the 4 to 24 hours following the application, WARM WATER RINSE ONLY. The use of soap can inhibit the full development of DHA color.
  • Important: Cosmetic instant bronzers will wash away during the first shower. Pools and spas that utilize chlorine as well as salt water can cause fading. When showering after 24 hours, use only mild pH balancing shower gel such as Amber Sun™ Body Wash. Refrain from using scrubs or high pH soaps as these will strip away your sunless color. Pat or air dry.
  • To extend and build color, between sessions us a daily application of Pro-Long™ or another color extending moisturizer to keep your tan beautiful and long lasting. The spray tan typically lasts 5 to 7 days.

Spray Tanning FAQs

About VersaSpa

How long does a sunless tan last?

A sunless tan can last up to 5-7 days depending on the condition of your skin. Sunless tanning formulations contain DHA, the FDA-approved active ingredient that produces the long-term tan effect. When applied, DHA reacts with the proteins in the skin’s outermost layer to form a golden brown color. Your skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and will reach its peak color within 24 hours. The color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation.

How should I prepare for my self-apply sunless application?

There are a few things you can do at home the night before to maximize your sunless results: shaving your legs and doing a full body exfoliation treatment with non-oil based products will improve the longevity of your tan. Using sunless enhancing products designed to improve the skin’s condition prior to your session will enhance your results and accelerate tan development. Note: avoid using over the counter lotions and moisturizers the day of your sunless session if they’re not designed specifically for sunless tanning. Your salon or technician will have a full line of products specifically designed for sunless tanning. Anything else may impede the process and produce unsatisfactory results.

What happens if the sunless tanning spray gets in my eyes?

Sunless tanning formulations have been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab and the results showed no eye or skin irritation. However, protective eyewear is provided by the salon should you wish to use it.

What should I wear in an automated sunless session?

Most people wear nothing. Since the room is completely private, going for “an all-over” treatment is completely up to you. However, if you do wear a bathing suit or underwear, please note that it may become stained. The instant color cosmetic bronzer is water-soluble and should wash out, but the DHA may permanently stain what you wear during the sunless tanning session

Should I cover my hair during my sunless session?

Many customers wear a disposable shower cap provided by the salon or technician to keep hair dry. Other customers choose to get their treatment without covering their hair. The sunless tanning formulation does not penetrate the hair follicle. However, if you choose to use an instant color cosmetic bronzer and have very light or white hair, your hair may become temporarily stained.

Does sunless tanning have any smell after contact with my skin?

Some people notice a slight starchy smell on their skin a few hours after a tanning session. This is simply the DHA reacting to proteins in your skin and it fades away fairly quickly. Today’s sunless formulations now use an odor control system that helps eliminate this DHA reaction

Has anyone had an allergic reaction to sunless tanning?

The components used in sunless tanning formulations have been successfully used in cosmetics and food products for decades, and are proven safe for use on the skin. If you’ve had previous allergic reactions to self-tanning lotions or cosmetics, you may want to do a “patch test” first. Put a small amount of sunless formulation on a small area of your skin to test for possible reactions

Will swimming affect my sunless tan?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade your sunless tanning results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of the sunless tan.

How long should I wait after my sunless session before showering?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade your sunless tanning results, cause possible streaking and will diminish the length of your tan. However, normal activities such as bathing, showering or physical activities will not affect the quality of the sunless tan

Will my skin look orange or streaky after my sunless session?

Not at all. Before automated spray booths most self-tanners were creams and lotions applied by hand – that meant inconsistent coverage. Too much lotion applied in one place left the skin looking orange while not enough lotion left unattractive streaks. Today’s automated sunless technology ensures that a uniform micro-spray of sunless formulation covers the entire body in the exact amount required to produce a smooth, even, natural-looking tan. Norvell Amber Sun provides “right off the beach” natural looking results every time!

How long does an automated sunless session take?

From start to finish you can expect 6 to 8 minutes total time. The automated sunless spray system only takes about 2 minutes. The pre-tan preparation and the post-tan redressing, will add about 4 to 6 minutes to your session time. If it’s your first time, add an additional few minutes for our tanning consultant to explain the step by step instructions.

What happens if I inhale any of the sunless tanning spray?

While no one should purposely inhale or ingest the sunless tanning spray, it is known that DHA (the active tanning ingredient) is a non- hazardous compound and causes no adverse reaction in moderate quantities when applied topically or even ingested. Testing has shown that DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine and even common table salt. Ingesting a small amount of DHA should pose no health risk to the consumer. However, nose filters are provided by the salon should you wish to use them.

One-Of-A-Kind Heated Application

It’s no secret that a tan makes us appear slimmer, younger, and sexier. Our VersaPro tanning booth features the latest technology, providing our customers with a fast, completely private and fully automated spray tan in minutes. Designed with a multitude of industry-first features, it’s everything you would expect from Sunless, Inc. Step inside a warm inviting environment and experience a heated spa like treatment with every spray pass. VersaPro keeps you warm and dry throughout the entire session. Exit each treatment session dry and ready to dress

3/4 Enclosed, Open-Air Design

A private yet open-air Sunless Spa design. With VersaPro you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

4 Levels of Color & Multiple Skin Care Treatments

Never-ending customization. Easily customize your experience and choose from 4 levels of color from a light glow to ultra dark, in your choice of Clear or Bronze formulas that last 40% longer. Plus a pre-tan pH balancing treatment, and a post-tan super-moisturizing skin treatment.

Pro pH Balancer™

Pre-Tan pH Balancing Treatment Application Formulated with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, Avocado Oil, and Anti-Aging ingredients Hydrates and balances pH levels for perfectly conditioned skin prior to the tanning application Ensures flawless results for all skin types and tones.

Pro Clear™ & Pro Bronzer

Choose from 4 levels of color from light, medium, dark, and ultra dark Formulated with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, Avocado Oil, and Anti-Aging ingredients Hydrates and nourishes skin during your session Clear formulation goes on clear without instant cosmetic color Bronze formula contains cosmetic bronzers for instant color Great for all skin types and tones.

Pro Moisturizer™

Post-Tan Super Moisturizing Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Formulated with Vitamin D3, Caffeine, Avocado Oil, and Anti-Aging ingredients Locks in color and enhances and extends the life of your tan Ensures flawless results for all skin types and tones.

Height Sensor Technology

VersaPro accurately targets the areas you want to tan with it’s auto height sensors allowing you to choose from full body applications, as well as just face or just legs.

Step-by-Step Audio Instructions

Never miss a step. Experience full automated step by step audio instructions as well as numbered feet placement. Only 4 easy stances to remember.

Touch Screen Video Instructions

Easily review your session details, spray tan positions and pre & post tan instructions all on the integrated touch screen display.


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